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On: 5 days 14 hours ago
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US sales

Hi. I bought a couple starter sets when the game first came out, but it never really took off. I'm looking to try and get a local scene going.

My usual US supplier doesn't carry it. Does anyone carry it here or do I need to order direct?

Kevin Dowsett
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On: 2 days 7 hours ago
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Damon Carlton
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On: 16 hours 41 min ago
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It is a slow growing game which will pay dividends in the end as new players come in with a few fixes in place from the errata's.

Myself and my own regular opponent has started demo evenings in other clubs to try and lure people over. Its a great game.

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On: 11 hours 47 min ago
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Those places might have the starter sets and a few other models but to get specific models, I found it's just easier to order direct.