Kenko's Fists of Iron and Faith

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Kenko's Fists of Iron and Faith

If the Peasant puts Faith on Kenko, can he spend 1 Ki for a +2 bonus on either of his Ki Feats?

I'm not certain of the order of operations.

It could be, I declare +2, which costs 2 Ki, but Faith cuts it in half to 1........

But it does specifically say....X is equal to the Ki spent....which means Faith wouldn't be able to affect it.

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Faith reduces the cost of a feat. So you declare you are spending 2 ki for the 2 armour or melee Str, which therefore has a cost of 2. Faith reduces this cost by 1 so you get the extra point of spend for the farmer's ki cost. A cost can never be 0 so do not use faith and only 1 ki as X for cost.


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