Ito Clan




A priestess of Orochi, she has dedicated her life to the snake kami and has been favoured by beginning the transformation. With the merest of looks Sakura can corrupt a man, turning the blood running through his veins into poison.

Blister contains one model, 30mm round lipped base, one profile card.

Price: £7.95

Itsunagi Ito



Ito Itsunagi is the eldest of the heirs to the Ito clan. His training has been second to none and his skill at arms is quite astounding. A brutal and coldblooded killer, his only downfall is his arrogance, mocking opponents with his lack of armour.

Blister contains one model, 30mm round lipped base and profile card. 

Price: £7.95

Ito Clan starter set


The Ito clan have long been the laughing stock of the ruling clans. Never quite able to understand it is their own flaws which hold their greater ambitions back. Being untrustworthy is synonymous with the Ito their support of the Shiho’s rise to power followed by their treacherous role in the Dragon Wars against the very same clan, highlights their fickle nature. Now though the Ito have gone through a transformation, their alliance with an age old and powerful Kami has imbued them with a new found strength.

Price: £29.95

The Ito Clan Faction Dice


Ten high quality, 16mm faction dice for use with the Bushido;New Dawn miniatures strategy game. 

Price: £9.95


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